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 LHP built a database combining data analytics and IoT applications to create a Connected Workplace. This allows companies to quickly and cost effectively manage employee health and risks in this recovery period.

How We Help: 

  • Provide rapid identification and control of virus, limiting community spread within business
  • Identify sick employees, where they have been, and who has been in close contact
  • Immediate data traceability: Allows you to see who was in what zone at a given time in history
  • Enable employees to manage their social distancing
  • Provide continuous monitoring at a low cost

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Employee Health and Safety Dashboard

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Employee Dashboard

Challenges Companies are Facing: 

  • Ensuring social distancing and restrictive employee movement
  • Facing significant financial risk posed by lengthy shutdowns and instability in global supply chains
  • Enhanced hygiene products
  • Continuous on-site and remote monitoring of employee health
  • Traceability of potential exposures
  • Predictive analysis and diagnostics to identify high-risk groups
  • Recurrence of virus

As companies recover from the COVID-19 shutdowns and changes, most are unprepared for the monitoring and tracking of employee health. LHP built a database combining data analytics and IoT applications to create a Connected Workplace. This allows companies to quickly and cost effectively manage employee health and risks in this recovery period.



Connected Workplace Health Demo

See the live demo of LHP's Connected Workplace Health Demo. 


Workplace IoT Sensor Zoning Concepts

The Zoning Map Shows:

  • The location and number of zones
  • The number of tags in each zone
  • Biometric information on individuals
  • Alerts for when the number of people in each zone exceeds the allowed amount
Workplace Tracking + Analytics

How Workplace Zoning Works

  1. Zoning is set up in the workplace in various areas.
  2. Employees receive a tag on their employee ID – allowing the employer to access zones the employees have entered, time in and out of each zone, and biometric information.
  3. If an employee gets sick, zone history will show zones entered, as well as other employees in the vicinity throughout the day.


Workplace Zoning

Employee Tracibility

LHP has proven this technology in both the healthcare and manufacturing industries. Utilizing plug-and-play components which enables fast, cost-effective deployments of 2-5 weeks, LHP has the ability to help customers meet the demands for monitoring and tracking employees’ health. This allows customers to leverage digital information to thrive in this critical recovery period. 

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LHP Europe is headquartered in Bologna, Italy and is a subsidiary of LHP Inc. 


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Today’s complex organizations need to connect multiple data sources, business units, and market segments to meet their analytical needs. We have the know-how for building the structure to connect and leverage bodies of “unrelated” existing data within an organization to bring out actionable insights.

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