Live Automotive Cybersecurity Demonstration on a Go-kart Platform 

Join LHP and the Industrial Internet Consortium
at IOT Solutions World Congress in
Barelona, Spain: October 16 - 19 


Cyber Security Go-Kart
Cybersecurity Go-Kart Demonstration
Find the go-kart in the IIC Automotive Security Pavilion: Booth #411

Built on the LHP open-framework Automotive Functional Safety and Cybersecurity
Validation Platform, the demo will address the universal automotive pain-points
of safety violations resulting from cybersecurity compromises and will be
showcased at IOT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona in October 16 - 19 


  • Validate automotive platforms against Safety and Cybersecurity issues during design, prototyping, and R&D

  • Introduce security capability assertion into early platform validation process

  • Quick detection of Safety issues resulting from Security Threats

  • Leverage power of a real-time embedded controller for diagnostics and reporting Safety and Security compliance

  • LiFi-based Augmented Reality UI for fast and accurate identification of safety and security violations

  • LiFi-based V2X wireless communication system, transmitting real-time data about brakes, steering, and safety and security


  Supported by the IIC Automotive Security Task Group 

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