Optimizing Propulsion System Performance with Integrated Powertrain Control Solutions

As fuel costs trend upward and emissions standards tighten across the globe, the need to optimize vehicle propulsion system performance is growing.

This whitepaper provides an overview of how automotive engineers and researchers can take advantage of LHP Technology Solutions’ (LHPTS) system integration and automotive domain expertise to optimize powertrain performance using open-source hardware and software in one comprehensive platform.

Download the whitepaper for more information about:

  • Improving Fuel Efficiency with Automatic Stop Start Systems 

  • Making Hybrid Technology Accessible to the Masses

  • Using Gasoline Direct Injection Fuel Systems to Optimize Engine Performance

  • Integrating MATLAB Software and NI Hardware: More Options for Model-Based Design

  • Flexibility and Success With LHPTS Engine Control Systems

  • Unconstrained Rapid Controls Prototyping

  • Optimizing Propulsion System Performance With Integrated Control Systems

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