Thermal Management for Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicle Systems

Electric (EV) and Hybrid (HEV) Vehicles thermal systems are composed of multiple interacting sub-systems that provide the necessary functions to satisfy the thermal requirements for both the vehicle and the occupants. 

This paper provides an overview of those classical methods and simulation (model-based design), new system components, technologies, and modern control techniques that have been recently researched and are on the forefront of EV and HEV thermal systems design.

Download the whitepaper for more information about:

  • High-Level Thermal Requirements
  • Thermal Control Loops for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
  • Thermal System Design Considerations
  • Thermal Management for Air Conditioning 
  • Battery Thermal Management
  • Thermal Management of Power Electronics and Motors
  • Control Methodology for Thermal Management
  • Advanced Actuator and Sensor components for Thermal Management  

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